January 2017

Terms & Conditions @ Senani Colonial Holiday Bungalow / Nuwara Eliya +94 (0)779 614 961 or landline +94 (0)522 222 841     

We would appreciate if you take a moment time to read our house rules. The moment you book the bungalow you agree to the Terms & Conditions below.

Check-in time is 15:00h and Check-out time is 10:00h

MEALS: Please inform the staff early, (a few hours in advance) even by phone, when you wish your meals to be served and if you are a vegetarian

RATES: We offer continental breakfast for USD 9.- Dinner for USD 9.- HB is USD 18.- per day / all per PAX. Kids below 15 years. are free. We do not serve lunch. Dinner time is from 19.00h till 21:30h. Later the kitchen will be closed. This applies to all guests.

ALCOHOL:  Since we do not serve alcohol, we leave it up to you, if you wish to bring your own.

WATER: Tap water is not safe. Therefore we serve boiled water during the day. It is a custom in the highlands to drink daily warm water. Every night we supply the rooms with thermos with hot and cold water. That water, treated with a Swiss Katadyn filter, is safe to drink.

DOGS:   Our three dogs: Lucky, Lassie and Tina are looking after the place during night time. Although they are friendly to guests, please do not pet or feed them. Sorry, but your pets are not allowed to the bungalow premises.

VALUABLES:   Please take care of your valuables. Once you leave the bungalow, please lock your valuables in your lockable suitcase or bags. Lost items cannot be claimed from the management.

SMOKING:  SENANI is a nonsmoking bungalow. In case you need to smoke, you are welcome to smoke outside in the garden area.

HOT WATER SHOWER:   Since all hot water is heated by electrical geysers pressured by a pump. Hot water will take a short while to come through. Geysers should be switched "on" abt. 1 hour before taking a shower.

ROOM HEATER: Each room has an electrical heater which will be switched ON during night time 7:00pm and 7:00am, upon request. Electric heating is charged by room at USD 5.- for 12 hours usage, due to the high electricity costs in Sri Lanka. Usually heating during night hours might be necessary only during the cooler months of January + February. It is not allowed to dry any kind of clothes on top or in front of the room heaters (danger of fire) damage caused to the heaters will be charged from the guests

SMOKE  DETECTORS: Each room is equipped with a smoke detector.

CHILDREN: Parents or any adult of the guests group shall look after kids, especially small ones, not to injure themselves or damage any property within the bungalow.  

LAUNDRY:  Laundry shall not be dried within the rooms, nor in the common areas. We offer laundry drying service within the bungalow annex. Please contact the bungalow manager.

DAMAGES: If property gets damaged by the guests, the replacement cost will be charged from the guests, the same day by the bungalow manager.  We ask you kindly to handle all bungalow property with care.

WIFI: Fast Wireless Internet 4G  is available complimentary all over the bungalow and up to the Rose Garden Terrace. Have your cup of tea in the garden, while you send emails to your loved ones.

FIREPLACE: We have two life fireplaces which will be lit upon your request. For security reason the room fireplaces shall not be lit by you at any time.

MOSQUITOS: At 6000 feet there are almost no mosquitoes.  Anyhow, you better keep the doors and windows closed between 16:00h and 20:00h. On request we provide electrical mosquito repellent.

HOT WATER BOTTLES: ( hotties) Will be given for your beds upon request.

DRIVER & TOUR GUIDE: Accommodation for both is free. Free local meals will be provided to them, if client has booked HB. If not, we charge USD 5. - per person / per day for their meals.   (Max. capacity is 2 PAX at the driver quarters.)

BBQ: Working on charcoal with a 2 feet diameter stainless steel grill is available in our all weather garden gazebo. The charge is USD 25.- for one day or evening usage, operated by Senani staff.

SELFCOOKING + COOK: If client wish to cook themselves or with the assistance of our chief cook we charge for the kitchen usage USD 25. - per day.

PAYMENTS:  All extra payments for services rendered to the guests, shall be paid in cash to the Bungalow Manager, either in USD or in Sri Lankan Rupees. (Exchange rates vary daily).


Deposits paid to confirm a booking are normally none refundable.

Only written cancellation by email to: info@senani-bungalow.asia   4 weeks prior to check IN
can be accepted.

Once the client has checked IN and decides later to reduce the amount of nights he/she have originally booked, there will be no refund payments.

We thank you for your co-operation and understanding and wish you a pleasant stay at SENANI.

The Management