Gregory's Lake
This beautiful 30m fall is incipient of the streams and brooks of Sri
Lanka's highest mountain, the Piduruthalagala (2524m). It flows over
hard granite ledges and the water is collected in a tank and used for
drinking. In dry spells, the flow is languid.
The fall is situated in Hava Eliya, 1.5km from Nuwara Eliya, Nuwara Eliya
Gregory Lake is located about one kilometer away from Nuwara Eliya
town and built during the year 1874 by the governor Gregory. By
stopping the “Thalagala” stream which starts from the “Piduruthalagala”
mountain. It is believed that the main intention of building this Lake is to
generate Electricity to the town. The water was taken away up to a place
called “black pool” using a tunnel and has generated Electricity there.
This 6000ft high elevated plateau with its unique micro climate, is not to be found elsewhere in the Island. Nuwara Eliya was
originally founded by the British as a mountain retreat for its elite settlers during the colonial regime. Today Nuwara Eliya has
become a perfect destinations for Nature Lovers going hiking, golfing, horse racing and cycling.
The home of Sri Lanka's finest Tea is also a haven for those who enjoy a retreat in these cooler climates of the highlands.
With endless mountain range and cascading waterfalls, the town of Nuwara Eliya is never short of breath taking views and
animates to outdoor activities. Lake Gregory which is situated very close to the town, has become a must see venue in
Nuwara Eliya, and its ideal location for picnics as well for those who enjoy different kind of water sports.We can offer you
excursions to the world famous "Horton Plains National Park" and some of the oldest tea factories near by. A look at
nature and history can be combined while you relish one of the best in "Up-Country" homemade cuisine and a freshly brewed
cup of tea at the Senani HOMESTAY bungalow.
Nuwara Eliya Golf Course
Walking distance from the town center spread over 90 acres, over a
hundred years old (built in 1891), the 18 holes golf course is one of
Nuwara Eliya’s biggest attractions. It is reputed to be the only Golf
Course where all the holes are visible from the Club House or accessible
by car. In the old British cemetery at the rear of the Club House is the
memorial to Major Rogers, the elephant hunter credited with killing
around 1500 elephants.
Nuwara Eliya Race Course
Schedule your holiday to coincide with a major racing event at the Nuwara
Eliya Race Course and you'll get a chance to witness the fervent local
enthusiasm for the sport, as well as the frantic gambling that
accompanies it. April is the best time to catch a significant event with a
whole host of big race meetings coinciding with the New Year
Famous Waterfall Lover's Leap Mount Pedro
To the north of the Nuwara Eliya town rises Pidurutalagala (in Sinhala
this translates as straw plateau rock), the highest mountain in Sri
Lanka with a peak 2524m (8281 ft) above sea level. For a view of the
summit and a superb panorama of the surrounding hills and
plantations, you can walk to the top of the picturesquely named single
Tree Mountain, south of town off the Badulla road, in about 90
Hakgala Botanical Gardens
Botanic Gardens at Hakgala were established in 1861 for the purpose of
experimentation and promotion of Cinchona cultivation in Sri Lanka. The
gardens lying in the hill country among Sri Lanka's tea plantations in the
Nuwara Eliya district are located along the Badulla Road, 9.5 km South-
east of Nuwara Eliya, the popular holiday resort.
Situated at an elevation of about 1745 m above mean sea level, Hakgala
Botanic Gardens, about 28 hectares in extent, lie under the shadow of the
Hakgala Rock (meaning “Elephant's jaw rock”).
Labookellie Tea Estate
Labookellie Tea Centre, situated approximately 1500 meters above sea
level in the heart of Labookellie Estate, one of the finest tea plantations
in Sri Lanka, is today a popular stop in an international travellers
itinerary providing an opportunity to experience Mackwoods Tea at its
best in the salubrious hill country clime as well as providing an
instructive glimpse of the manufacture of Ceylon Tea.
The Pedro Tea Estate
The closest tea estate to the Nuwara Eliya town center is the Pedro
Estate, located in Boralanda about 3 km away.Established in 1885, the
Pedro Test Estate spans nearly 670 hectares of land area and employs
about 1,250 laborers with another 50 in administrative staff. The company
differentiates itself by emphasizing its “ethical” business practices
regarding treatment of estate workers through community cooperatives,
and improved housing and education facilities.
Devon Falls
Devon Falls is located along the Talawakele - Hatton road near the
20th mile post (Talawakele, Nuwara Eliya District). From here it is a
walk of 1km through tea estates.
A view of the front of this 97m-high fall is possible from Midigama. It is
one of six falls affected by the upper Kotmale hydro-power project
St.Clair's Falls
Among the waterfalls in Sri Lanka, St Clair’s Falls are unusual as they
comprise a double cascade from different water sources. The biggest
waterfall among the two, the Maha Ella which is 80m high, is situated
on the Kotmale Oya. This waterfall run over a rock ledge, divides into
three cascades, and plunges into a pool, producing misty veils. The
smaller fall of the two, the Kuda Ella which is 50m high, is situated on a
branch of the Kotmale Oya.
Ramboda Falls
Ramboda Ella is 109m (329 feet) high and  11th highest waterfall in Sri
Lanka and located by the Pussellawa, the A5 highway (Pussellawa-
Nuwara Eliya Road). If you are coming from Peradeniya, passing the
Ramboda Tunnel, then bear right and you will come across a bridge.
The water fall is located close to it. Sit in proximity to this waterfall and
watch the Simmering beauty of the waterfall and listen to the power it
Horton Plains National Park (A World Heritage Site)
Horton Plains National Park is in stark contrast to Sri Lanka’s other
conservation areas because it is situated at an altitude of 2,100 metres.
As a result, the plains have a strange atmosphere and scenic beauty that
cannot be found elsewhere. They contain the habitats of much of the
endemic fauna and flora of the country’s wet and montane zones.
Incidentally, this is the only national park in Sri Lanka where visitors can
walk on their own on designated tracks.
The World's End
One of the attraction of Horton plains is world's end. There are infact
two of them. The small world's end and The big world's end they are
about 0.8km (1/2mile) apart from each other. From these, one could
see the fall to the Tea states down bellow. A merry 1000ft(328m) from
the small one and a dramatic 4000ft (1312m) from the big one. From
here one could get a fantastic view of the surrounding hills and the
mountain ranges wreathed in mists and clouds and on clear days even
the Indian ocean which is about 50 miles (81km) to the south is visible.
Ambewela farms are made up of two farms, Ambewela Farm and New
Zealand Farm. Because of the perfect climate in the hill country, it
boasts its superior breed of cattle, modern technology and top quality
pastures where cattle graze freely.  The farms have purebred cattle
from Ayreshire and New Zealand.  In order to maintain the quality of
milk from the cows, the farm management takes great care to provide
them with a balanced diet and sterilized water. They are also given
excellent healthcare on a 24-hour basis.  The largest grasslands of Sri
Lanka are also a part of the Ambewela farms. In addition to the cattle,
it has rabbits, pigs and goats.
Ambewela Farm + New Zealand Farm
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